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Teuku Umar Johan Pahlawan (Pahlawan Nasional dari Aceh)

Teuku Umar
(born in 1854, Meulaboh;
died February 11, 1899)
is a Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia (National Hero of Indonesia). He led a guerrilla campaign in Aceh during the period of the Dutch occupation. He fell when Dutch troops launched a sudden attack in Meulaboh. His body was buried in the Mugo area. After Teuku Umar's death, his wife Cut Nyak Dhien continued to led guerillas against the Dutch.
1854-1899) was a chief in Acheh, northern Sumatra, Indonesia. At various times, he fought against and alongside the Dutch colonial invaders.
As head of the village of Datar, Teuku Umar fought against the Dutch from 1873, when they first tried to conquer Aceh. In 1893, Teuku Umar went over to the Dutch side. The Dutch took him into their service and made him commander of a legion of 250 friendly Acehnese soldiers. The Dutch governor regarded him as a trustworthy ally. But Teuku Umar used this opportunity to build up a more powerful position for himself. In 1896, he and his soldiers deserted the Dutch and went back to the Achehnese side. The Dutch pursued him for nearly three years. In January 1899, a force under Governor van Heutsz ambushed and killed Teuku Umar at Meulaboh on the west coast of Aceh. He married three wives who are.... Nyak Sofiah, Nyak Malighai and Cut Nyak Dien.

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